A history of innovation across North America and beyond

At EXP, we are driven by passion – unified by our vision to deliver exponential possibilities for our clients, our employees and our communities. We are a full-service, multidisciplinary firm delivering projects and solutions to clients and communities around the world. Our heritage dates back to 1906, when the earliest of EXP’s predecessor companies started its engineering infrastructure practice. Today, thousands of creative professionals across EXP work together to deliver extraordinary experiences year after year.


1906 – 1959

Founded in New Liskeard, Ontario, our roots began in survey and infrastructure engineering. Our passion for engineering led us to take on challenging projects in Ontario and Quebec. We engineered the dams, bridges and structures shaping the landscape and economy of the region and beyond. This work spurred our deep and rich history in major structures, a legacy that continues today. We applied our engineering skills across various domains of buildings and infrastructure, working on diverse and innovative projects in the healthcare, education, energy and other sectors.

1960 – 1979

During the 1960s and 1970s, our work flourished across buildings, bridges, structures and infrastructure. Our bridge design practices expanded, leading to the design of iconic new bridges. We were involved in the construction of landmark structures defining the skylines of major cities. We contributed to the transformation and growth of our communities through engineering and design for critical infrastructure. And we brought new engineering solutions for buildings across markets and geographies.

1980 – 1999

We continue our history of innovative projects across markets, disciplines and geographies – completing projects throughout North America and internationally. We continue to expand our service offerings and grow across regions.

2000 – 2009

Our portfolio expands to new areas of the world. New practices are developed. We continue a path of excellence across diverse projects. We expand to new delivery methods. We strive to create vibrant, sustainable communities.

2010 – 2019

Our diverse practices come together to deliver a vast range of services. We lead with an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. Our teams work together with all types of clients, on projects big and small – locally, regionally, nationally, globally.

2020 -2029

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