Golden Ears Bridge

innovative solutions for this major long-span bridge

The new 6-lane cable-stayed Golden Ears Bridge spans nearly 1,000 meters over the Fraser River.

Designed with six piers, the 1-kilometer long bridge has over 40 meters of vertical clearance in the main navigational channel. This complex project encompasses more than 8.2 kilometers of new road and embankment fills, 4.5 kilometers of structure supported road along the main alignment, as well as access and municipal feeder roads. Twelve reinforced concrete shafts, 2.5m each in diameter, are used for the main river piers, and 2.3 to 2.5m diameter mono-piles were used for the south approach structures. Challenging soil conditions, combined with stringent performance-based seismic design criteria, led to the use of innovative foundation designs. Site-specific seismic design addressed potential ground movement and soil stability for this long-span major river crossing.

The project also presented unique environmental challenges. Innovative solutions allowed design and construction to proceed while meeting applicable environmental requirements. The Environmental Management Plan addressed concerns with water, soil and air quality in addition to fish and wildlife habitat.



Geotechnical, Materials Testing, Environmental

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