Using real-time, virtual representation to enhance asset management.

Technology is transforming the way we transition from design to construction. At the same time, the use of digital models and digital twins are enhancing asset management.

By implementing digital twins or detailed digital models, we promote efficient operations and maintenance. These virtual representations of real-world products or systems are updated during design and calibrated post-occupancy, providing valuable insights to clients and owners.

Understanding client vision for a model in post construction is an important part of the development of our digital twin. The information that designers and builders add to the model continues to travel in the model and inform the asset and ultimately become part of the management of the future facility.

The benefits of implementing a digital twin are numerous, including increased quality, cost savings and productivity gains. As the AEC industry evolves, digital twins are helping to meet its needs with digitalized and interactive solutions, providing a real-time, virtual representation of an asset or system throughout its project lifecycle.

“Technology plays a key role in transitioning from design to construction. And digital twins and models are significantly progressing how we improve building efficiency.”

Amy Pastor, PE, CxA, LEED Fellow, ENV SP, ActiveScore AP, Vice President, Sustainability

At EXP, we don’t just deliver design and construction solutions. We also seek to understand the purpose and vision behind your projects. We use digital strategies to enhance performance, efficiency and profitability after construction. With our digital twin solutions, we are not just your designers; we are your partners in success.

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