Using visualization and Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) to facilitate collaboration and improve delivery.

Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) has revolutionized how we collaborate on projects. At EXP we are using IDD to facilitate collaboration and improve delivery for multidisciplinary projects.

We combine technology automation and advanced data science with digital tools such as building information modeling (BIM) to deliver multidisciplinary projects of all sizes, including complex mega projects. Our internal technology environment enables seamless collaboration across regions and disciplines, allowing our teams to work on highly complex models from anywhere in the world.

Our in-house IDD team coordinates the development of the digital approach with stakeholder responsibilities to meet our clients’ specific needs. By utilizing IDD and high-quality digital technologies, we connect stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle, providing the information needed to improve the intelligence of a model and work within the design intent.

Our innovative solutions have been applied to complex design-build and alternative delivery projects and programs across North America. In these scenarios, EXP, partners and stakeholders advance their capabilities in a singular work environment, utilizing complex workflows, data management systems and technologies.

“EXP works with multiple clients who want and require Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD), the use of high-quality digital technologies to connect stakeholders throughout the built environment’s project lifecycle.”

Steve Ross, Chief Information Officer

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