Delivering innovative engineering and consultancy services for all stages of the mining and metallurgical lifecycle.

At EXP, we bring customized solutions across the full lifecycle of mining and mineral projects – from initial exploratory services and environmental studies, design and management of development projects, through site closure and rehabilitation. Over our more than 50 years of industry experience, our team has used innovation to deliver complex projects for the world’s major mining and metallurgical facilities.

We leverage our demonstrated record in interdisciplinary project execution with our extensive knowledge of base, precious, industrial and other minerals to develop sustainable, outcome-focused solutions. Combining use of industry-leading technologies with an integrated, multidisciplinary approach, we focus on enhanced efficiency and predictability, while addressing complex challenges in environmental management, regulatory, permitting and safety.


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ENR, 2023

Our teams are familiar with various mining operations including:


“The EXP mining team is growing in response to market-driven needs for fit-for-purpose engineering and construction development.”

Aziz Sene, Senior Vice President, Mining

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