Our multidisciplinary, integrated services encompass all aspects of solid waste management – from planning through construction and ongoing operations.

Our more than three decades of experience in the solid waste sector span waste management planning, waste audits and profiling, siting and permitting of receiving facilities, geotechnical studies and environmental impact assessments, stakeholder/public engagement through to complete facility design, construction and commissioning and beyond to operational support.

Our services cover landfill design, landfill leachate, landfill gas recovery and cogeneration, landfill capping and stormwater management, transfer stations, composting facilities, recycling centers, incinerators and waste-to-energy plants.


providing services for solid waste facilities


providing environmental services


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Strategic Planning

We bring considerable experience in long-term solid waste management planning, including performing system reviews, program development and implementation, as well as procurement.

Environmental Approvals

Our team works with clients to navigate local and federal environmental approval and permitting processes.

Facility Design + Construction Services

Our team of geotechnical, infrastructure and building engineers and designers have experience designing and building solid waste facilities.

Landfill Monitoring + Reporting

Documenting compliance with government approvals is a cornerstone of environmental accountability. Our team provides comprehensive monitoring services and technical advisory.

Waste Management Planning in the Far North

North America’s far north requires unique solid waste management solutions. Recycling is difficult, while the arctic tundra and the effects of climate change pose significant challenges to landfill siting and design. EXP specializes in working with northern communities on waste management planning.

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