Vaudreuil-Dorion Odorless Urban Treatment Plant

sustainable, integrated wastewater treatment

The City of Vaudreuil-Dorion has experienced significant recent population growth. As a result, the city needed to double capacity of its wastewater treatment facilities and upgrade the quality of its existing systems, some of which are over 20 years old.

Located in the center of a residential neighborhood, the new facility doubles capacity from 16,000 m³/d to 30,000 m³/d, optimizes space on the existing site, reuses old structures and is well integrated into its surroundings. The energy-efficient facility includes a new fully closed loop system, automated ventilation control and the largest biofilter for treating dust and odors in Quebec. Two biofilter units each treat 48,500 m³/h.

To minimize impacts on the neighborhood, 3D modelling of air movement and dispersion (modeling air dispersion to prevent odors from chimney) determined a 25ft stack height to prevent odors. Landscaping includes mature trees, as well as a concealed courtyard for loading containers of sludge. One hundred percent of sewage sludge is reused for agriculture, resulting in zero landfill and 40% fewer trucks carrying sludge in the neighborhood.

EXP was even able to reduce impacts from sound, vibration and dust during the construction phase.



Civil, Process Engineering, Water + Wastewater, Environmental, Landscape Architecture, Sustainability, Electrical, Mechanical, Air Quality, Commissioning, Owners Representation, Construction Supervision

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