Effective and sustainable stormwater management improves water quality and helps ensure better quality of life for our communities.

Increased urbanization and climate change have increased the challenges faced by municipalities and regulatory agencies for water conservation and water quality.

Our stormwater professionals have a deep understanding of the complex interaction of water systems and the environment and are experienced in developing optimal solutions for all stormwater challenges. Our experts develop and model stormwater management systems, identify system repairs and design solutions to ensure system integrity for the long term, to minimize lifecycle costs.

Our team brings expertise in planning, detailed design and construction of stormwater solutions for a wide variety of services that include: watershed studies, 1D and 2D riverine and pipe network modeling, infrastructure capacity assessments, flood damage assessment, floodplain hazard mapping, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, sustainable design, transit/roadway drainage, commercial and residential drainage and culvert design/analysis.


Sanitary and Storm Sewers, Top Design Firms in Environment
ENR, 2023


Sewer and Waste, Top Design Firms in Environment
ENR, 2023

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