Revitalization of Papineau Avenue

optimizing stormwater management in an urban setting

The City of Montreal undertook the full reconstruction of a 2 km stretch of Papineau Avenue.

This pilot project has shaped future standards for low impact development and rainwater management. New green infrastructure helps relieve pressure on the existing sewer system, aligning with the initial objective of tackling frequent overflows caused by heavy rains.

Innovative landscaping, including over 1.2 km of bioretention basins and vegetated basins, has optimized stormwater management and biodiversity enhancement. Nearly 40,000 plants, including 286 trees, were added to the site. The project enables treatment of approximately 10,000 m3 of stormwater each year and 80% of suspended solids to be removed from treated water.

The project was designed to allow experimental tracking of the system’s performance over the three years following work completion. This research project was carried out in collaboration with the City of Montreal, Polytechnique Montreal and the University of Montreal’s Institut de recherche en biologie végétale.



Civil, Water + Wastewater, Landscape Architecture, Sustainability, Program Management, Construction Supervision

Société québécoise de phytotechnologie, Award for Excellence in Phytotechnology, 2019
Association des firmes de génie-conseil du Québec (AFG), Grands Prix du génie, Urban infrastructures category, 2021
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