Air quality is an important environmental and health issue for all industries and the public.

The adverse health impacts from poor air quality, both from indoor and atmospheric emissions, are well recognized. Air quality standards are becoming more stringent and cover an ever-increasing list of compounds. Good indoor air quality enhances occupant health, comfort and workplace productivity. Improved external air quality enhances the quality of human life and our global ecosystem.

EXP has been a leader in the field of air quality and industrial hygiene for decades. Our air quality and industrial hygiene teams consist of engineers, chemists, scientists, occupational hygienists and qualified technicians and professionals.

We offer customized and integrated solutions to address indoor air quality issues, minimize air emissions and occupant exposure, as well as ensure regulatory compliance.

From indoor air assessments, emissions monitoring, pollutant dispersion modeling and regulatory reporting, to solutions for the design, installation and operation of air quality control technologies, we look to protect public health and our environment while contributing to the operations of our clients.


  • Air Quality Studies
  • Industrial Hygiene + Occupational Exposure
  • Health + Safety
  • Environmental Approvals
  • Dispersion Modelling
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Toxic Reduction Planning
  • Compliance Studies for LEED
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