Modernizing data analytics for better program and project delivery.

At EXP, we leverage innovative tools to enhance program and project delivery.

Our teams work at the program and project management level to help our clients track project progress, schedule, budget and financial analytics.

We use data analytics to provide owners and operators with easy-to-understand data visuals and models. By connecting to existing schedule and cost control tools, we create data-based dashboards illustrating budget and program/project performance. Through data visualization and interactive dashboards, we provide real-time insights into cost risk analysis, cost performance index, monthly performance and more.

Our advanced capabilities enable us to support clients in managing project uncertainty and economic viability. Our team of technical specialists and cost control experts have a deep understanding of system structures and data organization. We know the right questions to ask and what to look for in the data to deliver usable results for our clients.

We provide cost-effective, data-driven and risk-informed solutions at every stage of a project or program. We integrate critical data sets to drive outcomes – identifying, mitigating, reducing and managing project risks at every stage of the planning, permitting, design, construction and operation of assets. By leveraging data analytics strategies and tools, we facilitate more reliable and accurate management of change processes, further reducing impacts to project and program delivery.

“We use 3D models and digital twins as a predictive modeling tool to bring solutions in line with real-world data.”

Chris Larry, Director of Energy Engineering

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