We are a team of building solutions and facility information management experts.

Smart, integrated and intelligent buildings have been our driving focus since the introduction of open standard control network protocols and IP-based technologies. We have the building system engineering core expertise in HVAC, lighting, energy, commissioning and building automation coupled with network engineering, web development and database analysts to fully acquire and harness the power of big data for your facilities.

Through an integrated, client-focused approach, we address the impact of building functions on the owner, occupants and the environment. We are recognized as a leading building engineering firm for our demonstrated performance in creating innovative, responsive and sustainable solutions for building environments. We have proactively introduced or included innovative delivery solutions into every project we undertake to drive efficiencies in planning, design and construction.

We are passionate about creating sustainable environments. We put our passion into developing state-of-the-art energy conservation techniques and creating opportunities for the application of renewable energy.

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