Keeping health and safety in the present.

At EXP, we put people first by prioritizing health and safety, and implementing practices to protect the environment. We set goals that are more than numbers: instilling safety into our core values, taking action to maintain a safe and environmentally sustainable workplace, and continually reducing harmful environmental impacts.

“The foundation of our practice is an approach that keeps health, safety and the environment in the present, in everything we do. Safe today and safe tomorrow.”

Our commitment to environment, health and safety

We are committed to fostering excellence in environment, health and safety (EHS) performance in all aspects of our business. Engaging with employees and stakeholders, we make strides to conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner, promote occupational health in the workplace and protect our communities. Through continuous improvement of our EHS practices we further our goals of protecting the environment, conserving resources and providing an injury-free workplace.

Our approach

We take an accountable and responsive approach to EHS through preventative actions to protect our employees, clients, business partners and the communities where we work.

We advance our commitment through these key approaches:


Promote an injury-free and environmentally responsible workplace through leadership


Promote learning through robust training systems


Engage with staff for widespread involvement in EHS


Enforce continuous improvement in EHS performance and hazard reduction


Communicate with stakeholders and partners to make EHS collaborative


Continuously monitor and report on EHS performance to motivate improvement

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