From both domestic and industrial sources, wastewater needs treatment to prevent environmental impacts and protect public health. It can also be re-used as grey-water irrigation, aquifer recharge water or even potable use.

At EXP, our team delivers solutions in all aspects of wastewater – from waste stream characterization, water use optimization and wastewater minimization studies, through wastewater collection networks, pumping, sewage and septage treatment and biosolids management, to outfall structures, aquifer recharge facilities and grey-water re-use systems.

Our team offers preliminary studies, concept and detailed design, construction, commissioning, and project management services, for industrial, commercial and municipal clients. Treatment solutions include primary solids removal, complete tertiary treatment and ultra-pure water systems.


Sanitary and Storm Sewers, Top Design Firms in Environment
ENR, 2023


Sewer and Waste, Top Design Firms in Environment
ENR, 2023


Industrial Process, Top Design Firms in Manufacturing, Telecom
ENR, 2023

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