Hydrogen is playing a significant role in the energy transition.

Today, hydrogen is mostly used in refineries and in the chemical and fertilizer industries. More and more it is also being used as an energy carrier for mobility, transportation, heating and power. The future of hydrogen will be colorful depending on how it is sourced or produced.

EXP’s experience includes the technical, project execution and regulatory aspects across hydrogen production, compression and storage, pipeline networks and infrastructure. Our experts understand the technology needed across the hydrogen production and distribution path, as well as current and future hydrogen applications.

EXP personnel bring significant lessons learned from their involvement in hydrogen and energy projects around the world. Our team understands the challenges across the global hydrogen market, how to navigate the regulatory environment and how to develop low lifecycle GHG emission concepts.

We can support clients with multidisciplinary solutions to decarbonize their processes and support hydrogen production, distribution, infrastructure and permitting.

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