Renewable Hydrogen Facility

New renewable hydrogen facility to support regional hydrogen needs

This new renewable hydrogen facility will produce fuel cell grade hydrogen to support the operation of multiple regional hydrogen fueling stations. To generate hydrogen, the facility utilizes steam methane reforming (SMR) and proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzers. The new facility will include provisions for increasing plant capacity. With an eye on production of green hydrogen, the integration of the SMR with the PEM electrolyzer maximizes production of hydrogen from renewable electrical sources (solar and wind), while also providing base load and peak production through the SMR.

The EXP team performed an FEL3 study for this new 12.5 MTPD hydrogen production facility, which will bring:

  • 10 MTPD steam methane reformer (SMR) production
  • 2.5 MTPD proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzer production
  • Provisions for additional 2.5 MTPD hydrogen production by PEM electrolyzer
  • 6300 lbs of hydrogen storage capacity
  • 5 hydrogen truck load-out stations
  • A hydrogen passenger car filling station
  • A sitewide water treatment system

Hydrogen dispensing, commuter to commercial

As a hydrogen generation hub, the facility is designed for the storage of compressed hydrogen prior to delivery to end-users. With the potential for multiple offtake agreements for the final product, the trailer loadout system was uniquely designed for maximum flexibility. The system allows for filling of single or double trailers, multiple trailer capacities, as well as filling of multiple trailers simultaneously at any given time. A light duty refueling station can be supplied with hydrogen directly from the plant.

Site and project development, concept to commissioning

After identifying the project location, the EXP team provided site development assistance through preparation and submission of the site plans and permits necessary to advance the project from conceptual stage into execution. The EXP team also played a significant role in supporting the owner in the application process for project funding from the state energy commission, leading to final approval.



Permitting + Approvals Support, Engineering

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