Oleum Tower Replacement

New Oleum Tower designed for easier shipment and installation

This project brings a new oleum tower to a spent acid/sulfur burning facility capable of transforming spent sulfuric acid into a reusable and sustainable resource for the oil and gas industry.

Tower design

EXP provided design and detailed engineering, supply, fabrication and technical services for replacement of the facility’s 28-year-old oleum tower.
The original carbon steel oleum tower was replaced with a new high-performance 304L stainless steel tower with the latest acid distributors for optimum absorption efficiency and to minimize mist generation. The new tower is 40 feet high with a 21-foot diameter.

Designing for shipment and installation

The new oleum tower was designed for easier shipment and erection. EXP performed laser scanning of the existing site and created a comprehensive 3D model to achieve accuracy in design of nozzle orientation, elevation and platform connection. Using the 3D model, the design integrates the new oleum tower with existing piping and ducting. Due to pressure variations, EXP performed fatigue analysis of drain nozzles based on American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) requirements.

The oleum tower was designed as one complete fabricated piece. To minimize handling and erection time at site, EXP designed the oleum tower to be fully fabricated with all internal supporting structures and bottom grillage pre-installed in a fabrication shop.



Engineering, Procurement

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