Originally designed for smaller aircraft, Bombardier’s 3102 painting facility required expansion and modernization to accommodate the longer Global 7000 and 8000 business jets.

The expansion houses new equipment that reduces volatile organic compounds (VOC) within the paint in compliance with Montreal metro area environmental standards. Optimizing the expansion space’s volume brings effective ventilation and optimal delivery air speed within the paint zones.

The multipurpose space accommodates multiple operations, including preparation, sanding, painting, degassing and curing all in one location. To optimize application of the paint, the temperature, humidity, air speed and interior and exterior differential pressure settings are closely controlled within the facility. An interior and exterior differential pressure control system was implemented to limit the introduction of contaminants that could cause paint defects.

EXP was involved in the development of complex thermodynamic cycles (evaporation, refrigeration, heating, humidification), the selection of control and instrumentation equipment, as well as programming and commissioning.

With a focus on sustainability, the new equipment used in combination with a VOC concentrator and a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) provides a 92% VOC destruction efficiency. The concentrator reduces evacuated air flow by 80% and increases the incinerator’s efficiency by feeding it VOCs in a greater concentration. Part of the combustion energy is reused by the RTO to preheat exhaust air and reduce the amount of natural gas needed for VOC destruction.



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