Capitalizing on new technologies to transform the future of the built environment.

Technology continues to transform the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. The traditional approach to infrastructure, buildings, energy, operations and project delivery is no longer sufficient.

Implementing technology and realizing its potential is crucial for driving change. At EXP, we have embraced new opportunities for digital innovation, shifting from a one-size-fits-all approach to dynamic project delivery models that utilize new technologies to enhance collaboration and deliver integrated solutions.

We are constantly exploring new solutions to improve planning and design, streamline construction activities, bolster sustainability and resilience, and propel our industry forward.

We are using new technologies outside of the traditional engineering space, including artificial intelligence (AI), to transform the way we work on projects. And creating common platforms to better facilitate collaboration and innovation.

We are exploring emerging technologies such as AI integration with virtual reality, new data collection technologies, digital delivery models, collaboration tools, reality capture technologies and other strategies.

“At EXP, we use technology to create real value for our clients. We customize digital strategies for the unique aspects of any project and enable a more efficient construction and operations environment.”

Steve Ross, Chief Information Officer

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