Sainte-Catherine Water Treatment and Anaerobic Digestion

quebec’s first ozone disinfection plant

Régie d’assainissement des eaux du bassin de Laprairie (RAEBL) operates one of the largest treatment stations in Quebec –serving five towns on Montreal’s South Shore. To improve water treatment quality and reduce the environmental impact of its sewage sludge, RAEBL initiated critical additions and upgrades to its existing facility.

Installation of the first ozone wastewater disinfection unit in Quebec oxidizes microcontaminants such as viruses and bacteria. A new anaerobic sludge digestion plant produces 3,000 m3/d of renewable biogas with zero landfill. Five times less sludge is transported by truck. The upgraded facility also brings odor treatment and negative-pressure ventilation, phosphorus removal and thermal sludge drying.

With its upgraded facilities, RAEBL is now protecting drinking water sources for over five million people in Quebec.



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