Our practice is built on a commitment to design excellence – every day, with every project.

We believe design should inspire users, while fostering more sustainable, inclusive environments. Through design, we create engaging, meaningful places to serve our communities for generations.

As a team of creative problem-solvers we collaborate across disciplines. Our design studios are driven by a constant pursuit of innovation across all projects, large and small. Regardless of scale or type, our projects share a strong conceptual framework and emphasis on artful execution, economy, craft and resilience to adapt to an ever-changing world.

We maintain our consistent record of award-winning work through core design principles applied throughout our practice.

Innovation across project scales

Every project is an opportunity to explore ideas, learn and create meaningful experiences.

Forward outlook

Working across a range of project types keeps us fresh, ambitious and open to new ideas. We bring insights from different building types to bear on new challenges – often with breakthrough results.


We bring together unique perspectives and disciplines through a collaborative, integrated design process.

Challenging assumptions

We are both stewards and agitators. We recognize and honor context and history, while challenging assumptions about what should be versus what could be.


We continually drive and foster mentorship as an important investment in our future. All team members are engaged in the design process with responsibility and ownership.

“Architecture communicates the ideals of the people it represents. Buildings are physical evidence of our shared values and our connection with our neighbors.”

Tom Hoepf, FAIA, Senior Vice President + Design Director

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