United States Courthouse in Saipan

bringing together universal principles and local context with an elegant and enduring solution

Located in the heart of Saipan between the two most important business districts of Garapan and Susupe, the new US Federal Courthouse in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands will provide a modern facility that represents our national values. Offering commanding views of the lagoon and Philippine Sea to the west and Mount Tapochau to the east, the new 3-story, 35,696 SF building includes a courtroom, judges’ chambers, jury assembly room and office space. EXP was designer for this important building, bringing increased security and functionality to Saipan. With an iconic façade and a monumental colonnade reminiscent of the US Supreme Court, the design communicates monumentality, strength, permanence and universal values.



Architecture, Interior Design, Lighting Design, Structural

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