Indigenous Peoples Experience

Lighting design for a first-of-its-kind exhibit

As the first of its kind exhibit in Fort Edmonton Park, the Indigenous Peoples Experience brings an immersive guest experience educating visitors on Indigenous traditions and the customs of First Nations and Métis peoples.

Traditionally named Beaver Hills, Edmonton was once a meeting ground for various Indigenous communities. The Indigenous Peoples Experience was created through in-depth consultations with over 50 Indigenous elders, community members, educators and historians who provided shared knowledge of the cultures and histories of local Indigenous life.

The exhibit strives to educate, celebrate and explore the knowledge, culture and experience of local First Nations and Métis Peoples, while motivating guests to investigate stories lived by Indigenous Peoples before and after Canada’s founding. The creation of this space brings a collaborative approach to educate guests in Indigenous traditions and customs, while highlighting the inspirational stories of these people.

Indigenous perspectives and voices contribute music, stories, text and artwork to the experience. Local, award-winning, Indigenous musicians and performers provided written and composed music to the exhibit while local Indigenous interpreters greet guests and debrief on their own unique history and stories. These teachings, memories, stories and songs reflect a rich history add a unique depth to the experience.

EXP provided the front-of-house lighting design for the featured exhibit areas and theatre space. Utilizing traditional museum-lighting techniques along with a heavily theatrical styling, the design helps create a magical atmosphere supporting the narrative presented to guests as they journey along the exhibit’s path.



Lighting Design

Illuminating Engineering Society, Award of Merit, 2022
ULI Americas Awards for Excellence Winner, 2022
Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Heritage Center, 2021
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