City of Montreal Darwin Bridges Reconstruction

World-class innovation for a new generation of high-performance green infrastructure

This important project brought complete reconstruction of Montreal’s twin Darwin Bridges. EXP provided site supervision and materials quality control throughout the construction of the two structures – the world’s first two bridges built using concrete containing finely ground recovered glass, and the result of 17 years of research conducted at Sherbrooke University in Quebec. The Darwin Bridges feature a unique architectural signature with curved shapes integrating spectacular landscaping.

Construction of the Darwin Bridges enabled the equivalent of 70,000 bottles to be recycled, saving 40,000 kg of cement. With cement production being a source of greenhouse gas emissions, this construction technique prevented nearly 40 tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. With a design incorporating the use of recovered glass powder and stainless steel bars giving the bridges a 125-year service life, the project is set to achieve Envision certification.

An instrumentation system was installed in the poured concrete of the bridge. Strain gauges were installed in the concrete and linked to a data acquisition system. Over the next several years, teams from Sherbrooke University will regularly conduct coring campaigns on an on-site test slab in order to test the set concrete’s mechanical properties and durability.



Construction Supervision, UAV/Drone Services

American Concrete Institute (ACI), Award of Excellence, International Level, 2021
American Concrete Institute (ACI) Quebec and Eastern Ontario Chapter, Award of Excellence, 2021
American Concrete Institute (ACI) Quebec and Eastern Ontario Chapter, Merit Award, Sustainability and Resilience, 2021
American Concrete Institute (ACI) Quebec and Eastern Ontario Chapter, Merit Award, Innovative Use of Concrete, 2021
Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, Finalist, Honoris Genius – Engineering Project, 2021
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