Lakeview Village

Reintroducing the natural environment in Mississauga

Lakeview Village is a mixed-use Lake Ontario waterfront community located on the site of a former coal generating station. The development consists of residential, commercial, professional and communal areas along with inviting public spaces. The development features lush green spaces, restored shoreline access, connections to public transportation and a commitment to eco-friendly design strategies. EXP has been working to bring new life to this former industrial site through extensive environmental assessments, remediation, risk assessment and soil management.

Giving old land new life

Located on the site of Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) Lakeview Coal Generating Station, which closed in 2005 and was demolished in 2008, the Lakeview Village Brownfield project consists of the redevelopment of 716,000 square meters of former industrial lands that were occupied by OPG. Because of the industrial history of the site, the land required extensive environmental site assessments to characterize soil and ground water quality. These critical site assessments indicated impacts on soil and groundwater and led to a full-scale site management program to remediate the known impacts to support the filing of multiple Revised Statutes of Canada (RSC)s. These RSCs led the change in land use to revitalize this historic Brownfield. As Environmental Engineer of Record, EXP has worked in collaboration with the entire team at every stage of the project, providing detailed review of all background information, creating the proposed plan of subdivision and providing high level expert solutions in the process of site acquisition and management.

EXP held continuous discussions with the City of Mississauga to aid the city in understanding the environmental conditions of the site, which include parks, roads and trails that go through the site and cover the entire waterfront. A pivotal strategy for this property involved identifying areas suitable for a remediation approach to secure an early RSP for a substantial land area. EXP also worked closely with the City of Mississauga to develop project-specific guiding principles.

Implementing cutting-edge sustainability solutions

Through the remediation of Serson Creek, a 600-meter pier on Lake Ontario and new access to the Jim Tovey Lakeview Conservation Area, the development has been applauded for its emphasis on the once hidden natural environment. The sustainable approaches on this project utilize innovative stormwater management techniques, as well as environmentally conscious technologies like district energy systems. The development plan also includes multi-modal transportation solutions, including an active transportation network and reduced reliance on single-vehicle occupant travel.

The development has already been recognized by the National Urban Design Awards for Sustainable Development in the 2022 National Urban Design Awards for its commitment to sustainability in the urban context and its natural environment.




RAIC, National Urban Design Award, Sustainable Development, 2022
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