Hydro-Québec La Romaine-2 Substation

major power transmission in a remote environment

Built on the Romaine River, the La Romaine-2 Substation is a major power transmission substation allowing La Romaine-1, La Romaine-2 and La Romaine-3 to be interconnected with the Arnaud Substation near Ste-Îles and the Petit-Mécatina Complex.

Design and engineering for the substation involved controls and protection, detailed plans for installation of the structure and electromechanical systems for the building, as well as outdoor high-voltage electrical and civil facilities.

Located 200km from Sept-Îles, the nearest city, this large-scale project required efficient design strategies and processes to address the remoteness of the site. Use of a 3D environment and scatter diagram approach enhanced the design process.



Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls

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