Pierre-De Saurel Wind Farm Connection to Hydro-Québec’s 25 kV Network

enabling economic benefits through wind power

As the first beginning-to-end community project solely focused on sustainable development, the Pierre-De Saurel Wind Farm is the only one of its kind in Québec.

With 12 wind turbines across Yamasaka, Sant-Aimé and Saint-Robert, the wind farm enables the regional county municipality (RCM) to generate significant economic benefits for the community. Connection to Hydro-Québec’s 25 kV network required design of three-phase double-circuit networks between the Yamaska Substation and the wind farm.

Innovative engineering specific to winter access roads resulted in the creation of ice roads for the installation of poles on agricultural lands. Other technical features included automation of various sectioning points, structural validation of double-circuit connections, installation of markers for aircraft. Design of anti-vibrators on nonstandard span lengths of over 320 meters utilized specialized PLS-CADD software.



Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Sustainability, Construction Observation

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