Hydro-Québec Chenier Substation Electrical Energy Transformation – Static Compensation

high-voltage network stability through static compensation

As part of a peripheral loop of Hydro-Québec’s high-voltage network around the metropolitan area, the Chénier Substation is a key component of the Greater Montreal electricity supply.

Linking the Duvernay and Châteauguay Substations, Chenier is supplied by two 735 kV lines. Two 300 MVA static compensation units were added to ensure better stability in an electrical network consisting of high-voltage lines spanning long distances.

Optimization of cable routing and special equipment for compensation such as thyristor valves and harmonic filters with induction coils, capacitors and resistors were critical for the network’s high-voltage environment.

Due to the layout of specialized equipment, harmonic filters that reduce negative impacts on the quality of the electrical network wave were connected in a unique manner. The installation consists of an outdoor substation with high-voltage filters connected to six 735/22.6 kV transformers and a 52m x 28m control building with two 22.6 kV valve rooms.



Civil, Structural, Materials Testing, Mechanical, Electrical, Construction Observation

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