LA Streetcar project on track to connect residents

June 3, 2021

EXP’s transportation team continues to fuel Los Angeles transportation initiatives through their involvement with the downtown LA Streetcar project. Transit Project Manager, Derek Benedict was hired to support technical development and outreach for the nonprofit, Los Angeles Streetcar, Inc. The project began more than 12 years ago as a stakeholder grassroots project in the wake of the last financial crisis and efforts to reactivate downtown LA’s historic commercial core and theater district. The project aims to bring greater connectivity, while generating jobs, increasing safety and stimulating economic development. “The vision for the Streetcar is based on models of streetcars in Portland and Seattle and is a modern way to supplement regional transit and connect neighborhoods. The LA Streetcar will serve as a crucial extension of existing multimodal services and accelerate downtown’s transformation into a truly livable and accessible 24-7 neighborhood,” says Derek. With support from residents, elected officials, environmental groups and business organizations, the project has cleared many hurdles to meet its goal of opening in time for the 2028 Olympic Games to be hosted in LA .

The streetcar system is comprised of  3.4 miles of track built into the existing roadway served by modern, highly accessible streetcars at 23 station stops throughout downtown. The line is powered by electricity from sustainable sources and is designed to have no environmental impact on its surroundings.

As of right now, the LA Streetcar could begin service as early as 2026, depending on capital funding contributions from local and federal sources. For updates and announcements, make sure to follow along at or contact Derek Benedict. EXP is proud to be involved in creative and modern transportation projects that utilize new technology and aim to make cities well connected for all residents.

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