University of Montreal Campus de la Montagne Pedestrian Tunnel

A new underground pedestrian network for university students

This new project on the University of Montreal campus brings the addition of commercial and retail space, as well as the reconstruction of the Campus de la Montagne tunnel. The new pedestrian tunnel connects the Roger-Gaudry Pavilion to the ramp tunnel. This addition gives students access to new retail, several campus buildings, the University-de-Montreal metro station and the Louis-Colin parking garage, while also providing shelter during extreme temperatures and inclement weather.

The new tunnel’s organic shape creates a modern, airy and sophisticated atmosphere underground. It was designed to invoke a curving motion in both its horizontal and vertical axes. The unique design creates lounge and collaboration spaces for users.

Work was completed in two separate, successive stages – first the tunnel and then the retail. The new tunnel was built while maintaining existing foundations dating from the 1940s near the site.



Structural, Civil, Geotechnical, Materials Testing

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