Fernand-Séguin Primary School

Educational pilot project celebrating wood construction

The expansion and reconfiguration of the Fernand-Séguin Primary School is a first in decades for the Montreal School Services Center. Comprised of light wood framing and engineered wood, the expansion of the Hubert-Reeves Pavilion provides a warm, engaging and space-saving educational environment. The 2,311 m² building’s two-floor design reduces its footprint and allows for larger outdoor spaces. An agora connects the existing building to the expansion and creates a small schoolyard protected from the elements to hold various educational and learning activities. Large windows let in natural light throughout the building into every classroom and the common areas.

The expansion brings a total of 10 classrooms, daycare space, a gymnasium, a multipurpose room and a reading room. The existing building was also renovated and reconfigured.

The building’s design was tailored to the school’s large spans, specifically 9.3 m for classrooms and 12 m for the gymnasium. It accommodates the school’s large, superimposed loads from the service room and snow accumulation, as well as the building’s specific geometry and configuration. The implemented wood protection solutions bring quality of materials and a healthy environment.

The expansion is approximately 24% more efficient than the model building for the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings. Several sustainable development principles were incorporated to achieve this status, including an air-heat-pump HVAC to optimize energy consumption, a zero-carbon emissions electromechanical system and installation of a smart water inlet that can shut off the water if a pipe breaks.



Structural, Civil, Environmental, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Instrumentation and Controls, Sustainability + Energy Efficiency, Air Quality and Industrial Hygiene, Geotechnical

Winner, 2023 Cecobois [Center of Expertise in Commercial Construction with Wood] Award of Excellence, Educational Facility Category
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