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February 5, 2021

Our Quebec Infrastructure group was awarded a 3-year task order contract by the City of Laval for engineering services on various municipal infrastructure projects. EXP will be responsible for preparing studies, plans and specifications for construction of water management, road and sidewalk construction or repair, water sewer system upgrades and park redevelopment projects.

EXP senior vice president and Infrastructure group lead for Quebec, Guillaume Halde, noted the importance given by the City to the quality of consulting services during this tendering process. “For many years now, the consulting engineering industry has been wishing for major clients to favor quality and durability over lowest cost when awarding contracts for infrastructure design and construction projects. For this contract, the City of Laval chose to have quality make up for 70% of the total tender evaluation score, allowing us to showcase our expertise, the thoroughness with which we manage projects, and our quality management system.”

Proud of our teams whose efforts and dedication to making the quality of our services shine led to this major win!


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