The culture around light at EXP

May 4, 2022

Lighting designers combine technology, art and science to create transformative effects for the built environment. To create the visual identity for a project and accomplish a client’s vision, EXP’s lighting designers pursue innovative solutions which unify form and function, enhance guest experiences and elicit emotional responses.

EXP’s lighting design team, led by Lighting Design Director Aram Ebben, IALD, CLD, LEED AP, communicate project goals through compelling and artistic design elements of light, a deep technical understanding and application of their profession as well as collaboration amongst each other.

In 2019, EXP’s lighting designers began a new tradition of an in-person summit, bringing together team members from across the firm to discuss the group’s strategic planning, how to improve their design processes / standards as well as individual development. These efforts are designed to increase project efficiency and ultimately deliver a superior design to the client. After a two-year hiatus, the team was finally back together again.

“Continuous reviews of how we operate is a key aspect to EXP’s success. We value process improvement, and it has led to state-of-the-art solutions on transit projects such as CTA’s Washington Wabash Elevated Train Station and CTA 95th/Dan Ryan Intermodal Terminal Station Expansion + Renovation, cultural experiences such as Indigenous People’s Experience, where individuals can learn about First Nations and Métis peoples and their culture, experiences and life; illumination and greater appreciation of aquatic life at the Branson Aquarium and many other projects,” shares Aram.

He continues, “Each of our projects require extensive collaboration across disciplines and geographies. Our summit was born from this need for heightened collaboration within our group. I believe that it’s through these efforts that our designs can transcend from the ordinary to the extraordinary,” shares Aram.

There is camaraderie amongst EXP’s lighting designers, a light that shines from within each team member, one that derives from the commitment to the profession and each other.

See pictures from the team’s annual summit below and learn more about EXP’s lighting design leads here >.

First row from left to right: Lighting Designer – Sydney Skora, Lighting Director – Kate Sanoke, Lighting Designer – Rebecca Bonebrake, Lighting Designer – Rachael Stoner, Lighting Designer – Madison DiAddezio

Second row from left to right: Lighting Designer –  Alex Gorgone, Lighting Designer – Emily Reed, Lighting Director – Michael Schrupp, CAD Designer – Brian AcquardLighting Designer – Lindsay Dixon, Lighting Specialist – Jason Rangel, Lighting Design Director – Aram Ebben

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