Taxiways A + B project expands

March 29, 2022

After two years of construction and four years of design, the sixth and last major East-West phase of construction for the Taxiways Alpha and Bravo (AB) relocation is set to begin. As one of the most complicated and ambitious taxiway projects in Chicago O’Hare International Airport history, the relocation of Taxiways A and B has faced significant challenges, but once complete, will enable the construction of the $8.5 billion O’Hare 21 Terminal Area Plan (TAP) by clearing the way of taxiways and utilities for the new global terminal and satellites.

As the busiest taxiways at O’Hare, Taxiways A and B provide direct access to the existing domestic terminals and must remain open and active every day of the year. Many of the project’s challenges and adjustments have led to significant changes in O’Hare project delivery models, including the City of Chicago’s first use of a Construction Manager at Risk for airfield projects, and have involved key stakeholders throughout the aviation industry. “This project requires collaboration between many key players, in order to adapt to changing requirements and priorities” said EXP’s Director of Aviation, Stephen Elrod.

Since its initial launch in 2018, the taxiway project is expected to expand again, starting as a $10M fee for $100M construction, and now poised to become a $33M fee for $300M+ construction. The design and construction of the complete taxiway relocations are expected to consist of twelve separate construction projects, complex phasing plans, innovative solutions to new problems, modifications to airport operations and extensive planning and collaboration between all stakeholders. EXP continues to support O’Hare’s massive Terminal Area Plan Program by providing key deliverables in the Taxiway A + B Relocation project.

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