Shining a light on EXP’s lighting design

June 10, 2019

​​On May 22, Aram Ebben, director of lighting design at our Orlando office, accepted an Award of Merit at the 36th Annual International Association of Lighting Design Awards (IALD) in Philadelphia for EXP’s involvement on CTA’s Washington/Wabash elevated train station (WaWa). Aram, a lighting designer and visionary on architecturally significant projects, was tasked to integrate the historic elements of Jeweler’s Row into an iconic transit design.

With a talented team, Aram crafted a lighting design to play with light’s presence on the station’s skeletal steel and faceted glass structure. The result was a dance of light for commuters to experience and witness how the light resembled diamond facets of the historic Jeweler’s Row below them. As LED lighting now lights the way for commuters, adding environmentally sustainable solutions for the iconic station, this also displays his ability to apply technically advanced approaches to meet the client’s needs as well as the 13,000+ commuters who pass through each day.

“I am deeply honored by the IALD and my peers for this recognition. This was a wonderful project to work on with an incredible team. A special thank you to Jef, Tom and Mindy for allowing us to be a part of this amazing project,” says Aram.

He and his fellow designers smile big at the IALD Awards Ceremony, celebrating innovation and their contributions to significant projects. ​​

See where Aram’s lights are shining: CTA Washington/Wabash elevated train station

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