Sherbrooke selects EXP for major improvements to its downtown area

May 3, 2021

EXP’s participation in the redevelopment of Sherbrooke’s downtown area continues to grow with the announcement by the City that it has selected EXP for another significant project. In addition to the key role we are already playing in the revitalization of the area with the Espace Centro project, our teams will also be restoring a section of Wellington Sud Street and designing the plaza that will be located between the two Espace Centro towers.

Several of our experts will be involved with this sustainable and exciting project for which EXP will be providing urban development, urban design, landscape architecture, mobility, infrastructure and electrical engineering services.

“The concept that we presented is one where pedestrians, cyclists and motorists will be able to coexist peacefully. We want to create a public space that users will enjoy and that will contribute to the greening of the downtown area. The space will be available to all Espace Centro users, residents, visitors, and tourists, including EXP’s 200 Sherbrooke employees who will be occupying two floors of office space in the future MW tower. It’s an honor for EXP to be given the opportunity to be involved and to contribute to this major revitalization project that will benefit the community in Sherbrooke,” says Guillaume Halde, senior vice president of EXP’s Quebec Infrastructure group, who will also be acting as project manager for this new contract.

Donald Bonsant, senior director of urban planning and development, from EXP’s Sherbrooke office, describes the future plaza as a welcoming and community-friendly place.

“It will include vegetation islands, a fountain as well as urban furniture that will guide users through different ambiances, whether to a belvedere or to shared working spaces and places to simply sit and relax. This project is important and very significant to us, as EXP has been engaged in the development of the Estrie region for over 90 years, playing a key role in several major projects. The revitalization of Sherbrooke’s downtown area stems from that ongoing commitment and we couldn’t be happier for this other opportunity we are given to contribute to the development of the Sherbrooke city landscape.”

Construction for this project is set to begin in the spring of 2022 and be completed in the fall.

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