Santa Clara Data Center construction is underway

May 6, 2022

Construction on a major data center project in Santa Clara, CA is currently underway. The 435,000 square foot facility, with 250,000 square feet of information technology (IT) space, is the largest data center project that EXP has completed and has been designed with sustainability in mind to achieve LEED Gold status. Once completed, the building will stand at four stories and will contain 52 megawatts of IT power capacity.
“Because of the location and complex environmental factors, our design had to encompass collaboration between a range of experts,” said Sr. Electrical Engineer and Project Manager Adam Ahrens. To create a repeatable, easily deployable construction phasing, the design included pre-assembled, skid-mounted, electrical distribution, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with Lithium-Ion batteries and switchboards for rapid on-site deployment.

To achieve LEED status and ensure a sustainable building, the data center utilizes city reclaimed water for irrigation, plumbing and industrial cooling use, as well as the use of air-cooled chillers, which contributes to improved water use efficiency compared to typical data centers.

Environmental concerns were another key factor in the project design and beginning stages of construction. Project archaeologists and paleontologists were required to excavate, relocate and rebury various animal and human remains and artifacts on the project site. The site also contained contaminated soils, which were contained and removed to create a suitable space. Because of the area’s high-water table, expansive soils, and high seismic zone, the design also required a pile-supported building structure and structural slab. The core and shell construction of the building has an estimated completion date of April 2023.

EXP is proud to contribute sustainable solutions and innovative technology to essential and complex projects throughout the US. Learn more about our mission critical offerings here and reach out to Adam Ahrens to learn more about EXP’s capabilities in the Data Center sector.


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