Providing materials testing on Vancouver’s tallest office tower

December 7, 2023

EXP contributed materials testing services for the new tallest office tower in Vancouver, Canada. The Stack office tower officially opened in September 2023 in downtown Vancouver’s Central Business District. At 37 stories tall, the building is the tallest in the Metro Vancouver area and will provide workspace for up to 3,000 people.

EXP team members provided concrete testing and post-tension cable inspection on this project to ensure the highest standards in construction, quality and durability. The concrete testing involved a meticulous examination of the material’s composition, strength and durability to ensure that it meets regulatory standards. The post-tension cable inspections employ advanced technologies to assess the integrity of these critical structural elements. EXP provided essential reports and recommendations to contribute to the overall safety and longevity of the building. “We are very proud to have contributed to this major project and look forward to seeing it enhance Vancouver’s Central Business District,” said Discipline Manager, Soils and Materials Group – WCA Ronald Lau.

Learn more about our materials testing services here.


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