Providing critical land development services throughout Western Canada

August 15, 2023

At EXP, our teams of experts provide full multidisciplinary services for major land development projects. From the beginning stage of due diligence for land purchasers, through planning support and detailed design to regulatory approvals and construction management, our experts provide project oversight and advice to clients so they can focus on optimizing their investments.

Leading a team of engineers, scientists and specialists from land engineering, geotechnical, landscaping and transportation, to environmental and regulatory services, our approach enables sustainable strategies for a wide range of projects. “Our mission is to provide excellent service and advice based on our decades of delivering successful projects to help our clients maximize the potential of their asset, ultimately turning it into an asset for the city’s residents and businesses that will call it home,” said Dale Johnson, Director of Land Development, Western Canada.

EXP’s team has worked on major projects including Alpine Park, Bayview, Heartland and Starfield to deliver a broad array of land development consulting services to achieve project success. “Whether the project is residential, commercial, industrial or mixed-use, EXP’s team is committed to identifying transformative opportunities to prepare the land for future development projects. With the ability to draw upon a range of experts from across our firm, EXP is able to provide services from multiple perspectives, turning our clients’ visions into reality,” shared Vice President, Civil Infrastructure & Land Development, Western Canada, Sid Vanderzwaag.

Reach out to our experts, Sid Vanderzwaag and Dale Johnson to learn more about our land development services.

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