Presenting on Gilead at I2SL’s Annual Conference

December 13, 2022

EXP’s Vice President of Sustainability Amy Pastor recently presented at the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL) 2022 Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. I2SL’s annual conference is the leading international conference for energy efficiency and sustainability in laboratories and facilities. The event highlights advancements in the industry and allows for experts in the field to come together to learn and discuss the latest in lab sustainability and efficiency.

Amy Pastor presented alongside Gilead’s Director of Sustainability Nicole Kho on their work on Gilead B324, the Center for Innovative Drug Research (CIDR). The CIDR, a LEED Gold Certified lab and office building, showcases the latest in sustainable design, incorporating energy-efficient HVAC technologies, a 470 kW photovoltaic system, high-efficiency indoor and outdoor water using fixtures and responsibly sourced building materials. Across the company, Gilead has implemented more sustainable buildings and initiatives and has worked to reduce emissions, integrate sustainable practices and create more efficient operations. Their sustainability practices bring forward new technologies that create a positive impact on the environment and human health.

The 365,000 square foot facility brings together experts from across the client’s campus to support collaboration, research and discoveries. As one of the largest pharmaceutical research facilities in California, the facility spans four stories, with three separate research wings that are connected by a single spine.

“In order to meet sustainable targets and create a space that would work with and for the community of scientists and researchers, collaboration was prioritized from conception to completion of the building,” said Gilead’s Nicole Kho.

Learn more about EXP’s commitment to more sustainable designs here and reach out to Amy Pastor to learn more about our LEED capabilities.

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