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October 1, 2019

Last year, we welcomed 12 Lindblom Math & Science Academy (LMSA) juniors and seniors into our working environment as part of the Engineering Futures Program. As a result of the program, we forged a growing partnership between students interested in STEM and our mission to foster the growth of the next generation.

Over the course of last year, we learned how young leaders quickly adapt and thrive in complex technical environments and how a little bit of mentorship can go a long way. The dedication of our mentors, LMSA students and their teachers helped fully expose the students to hands-on engineering and architectural experiences.

Now, with the first year in the books, we enter our second year of the Engineering Futures program with 12 new LMSA students, composed of six young men and six women, split between juniors and seniors. Leading this year’s program is program manager, Mindy Viamontes. She noted, “We’ve been waiting for the program to begin. Last year, LMSA students exceeded our expectations by coming to each session with an eagerness to learn, asking tough questions and pushing their academic boundaries. This year, we are expecting the same for our new students. The Engineering Futures program is a symbiotic learning experience. While the students arrive to gain a solid foundation of our profession, we learn how to exercise their excitement and determination into preparedness for a future career.”

This year’s mentors include Mindy, Hemal Patel, Ji Won Noh, Victor Jimenez, Nancy Lima, Simon O’Leary, Christian Avila and Francine Wong. With an almost equal ratio of mentors to mentees, this year’s program is designed to permit students to learn from disciplines including, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering, architecture and marketing. To kick off the semester, EXP held a speed mentoring session, giving each mentee an opportunity to ask, learn and glance into the many careers at EXP and the mentors who can guide them to holding that same spot one day.

With knowledge, guidance and teamwork, we expect to see their progression this semester, next and long after that.

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