Meeting SoCal’s transportation needs with a growing and robust team

December 16, 2019

Southern California (SoCal) continues to invest in transportation infrastructure to improve regional mobility. To meet the anticipated projects, our transportation group in Southern California continues to grow, adding robust capabilities to support this need.

Leading the SoCal team is vice president, transportation of, Southern California, Khalil Saba. His team is filled with talented professionals who have a proven record of meeting client needs and successfully delivering transportation projects in the region.

The team who are leaving a lasting impression on SoCal’s transportation future:

Khalil Saba
Gabriel Rodriguez
Derek Benedict
Christine Brown
Timothy Kirkley
Anh Case
Ju Kim
Karen Matthews
Shelly McCarthy
Ben Hashemloo
Miguel Ruvalcaba
Parakh Jaiswal
Sampath Goolla
Portia Gonzalez
Syed Raza

Khalil shared, “SoCal continues to be an extremely busy market for the implementation of new transportation projects that are planned to relieve congestion, improve air quality and mobility and encourage transit solutions and alternatives. With that in mind, we continue to build our SoCal team, so we are better prepared to respond to the speed of SoCal’s growth and we’re excited about our continued upward trajectory.”

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