Hospitality expert Ray Clark on expanding EXP’s presence in Las Vegas

January 11, 2021

EXP’s reputation is built on exceeding client expectations and a strong commitment to fostering employee and community growth. In Las Vegas, hospitality lead, Ray Clark, builds further on this mission by partnering with team members and clients to deliver unrivaled guest experiences. EXP’s expert services have contributed to hundreds of hotel, casino and luxury accommodations projects around the globe and determined to deliver hundreds more.

We talked to Ray about how he’s leading EXP’s Las Vegas office to deliver hospitality services with a cutting-edge approach.

What is your background with EXP and the hospitality market?

I have been a part of the EXP family for over thirty years, from the early days in our Orlando office, where we have grown a strong hospitality presence and focused on best-in-class project management and engineering services. Nearly three years ago I was asked to consider relocating to our Las Vegas office and help grow our presence on the West Coast. I decided this was a good fit and a tremendous opportunity to introduce EXP to new clients and take advantage of the expertise gleaned from the past. EXP’s global presence, infused with the established history in the market, has been a powerful driver in the growth of the Las Vegas office. We’ve carried the Orlando legacy into the Vegas area and EXP has heightened our role as a trusted advisor to hospitality clients in North America. Our approach is consistent, maintains a sensible and budget-conscious approach, along with innovation and reliability throughout the entire lifecycle of the project, whether designing building systems or construction. Today, the team is working on some of EXP’s most significant projects and we’re very proud of that.

What projects are you and the team working on?

Right now, we’re working with clients on a variety of resorts and spas, hotels and casinos. We’re currently working with clients on several luxury destinations and casino from as far as the Caribbean to the Hawaiian Islands and the continental United States. Some of our current projects are in Virginia Beach, VA; Myrtle Beach, SC; Austin, TX; Ivins, UT; Menlo Park, CA; and Mammoth Lakes, CA to name a few.

While it is a challenging time for the hospitality industry, it is also an opportunity to rise to the occasion with safe, creative and sustainable solutions. To tackle the new challenges, we’re working with owners and operators to address concerns, from contactless technology and additional safety measures during design and construction.

We are no longer just looking at the integration of design, lighting design and code requirements. We’re also actively assessing solutions and implementable approaches for guest safety, including enhanced ventilation and filtration systems to minimize the spread of viruses, LEED and commissioning components to enhance efficiency and wellness, and integrated guidelines to protect guests, minimize owner’s risk and achieve ease of operation. It’s a critical time for collaboration and we’re thinking outside the box to stay within budget, given known constraints and challenges, and still ensuring we can meet our clients’ goals, while not compromising the guest experience.

What’s next for you and the team?

The name EXP certainly resonates in the hospitality industry. We’re growing and looking to expand our local roots and global reach to continue to create distinctive places in destinations around the globe. We’re currently hiring senior electrical engineers and will have more positions on the way. At EXP we tend to say, “Exponential possibilities.” From the Orlando office to Vegas, we certainly live by that motto. Join us and see for yourself. Apply today!

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