Get moving EXP: A unifying second edition

May 5, 2022

After a successful first edition last year, the “Get Moving, EXP” challenge was back in full force this spring, encouraging Quebec employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle and integrate physical activity into their weekly routines. Each of the participating teams had to perform 15 minutes of moderate to high-intensity physical activity that entitled employees to one “energy block” and teams had to cumulate as many of those cubes as possible between March 1 and 31.

Each team consisted of five employees, with a total of 66 teams signed up for the challenge. Together, all of the teams accumulated 35,247 energy blocks, equivalent to 367 days, 6 hours and 45 minutes of physical activity.

Team spirit soared and competition grew stronger throughout the month. Teams came together for a walk or to skate at nearby parks during their lunch breaks, adding camaraderie to physical activity. For employees who preferred indoor workouts including pilates, yoga, stretching and other workout sessions, a one-month online subscription to a gym was offered.

Thank you to the challenge organizers, and congratulations to everyone who participated. We are all looking forward to the 2023 edition of the Get Moving, EXP challenge.

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