EXP’s fourth year with Lindblom Math & Science Academy mentorship program

March 23, 2022

EXP welcomed Lindblom Math & Science Academy (LMSA) juniors and seniors into our Chicago office for the fourth year, continuing our mission to foster the development of the next generation of STEM leaders. During the academic year, 13 students have challenged themselves to learn new concepts about civil, electrical and structural engineering, as well as architecture and foundational lessons that support a successful career in STEM.

Each student arrives at EXP and displays their eagerness to learn through challenging questions, adaptability and understanding of concepts. During their March 16 structural lesson, led by EXP’s Structural Engineer and Mentor Hemal Patel, students began to understand the basic components of a building’s structure and how they can apply that knowledge to the development of their final project – an exhibition space in their community. As their lesson began, EXP’s President and Chief Operating Officer Mark Dvorak joined students to share the importance of their contributions to EXP and the uniqueness of a STEM career and the lasting impact on the built and natural environment.

This year’s academic year will continue with a focus on mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering, construction and design concepts and a lesson on sharpening interview skills and utilizing social media effectively as they advance in their education and prepare for their future careers. As the semester ends, students will present their final projects to each other, their mentors and to EXP’s leadership.

EXP’s mentorship program is led by Project Manager/Architect Horeya Czaplewski and Structural Engineer Hemal Patel and includes mentors:

  • Architectural Designer Dan Tangaro
  • BIM Lead/Designer Hannah Golden
  • Civil Engineer Adam Zimon
  • Civil Engineer Christian Avila
  • Civil Engineer Jack Timmins
  • Communications Manager Nadia Abou
  • Design Architect Alzira Maldonado Protsishin
  • Electrical Designer Dominic Persin
  • Electrical Designer Nancy Lima
  • Mechanical Engineer Carla Espinoza
  • Mechanical Engineer Michael Baack
  • Sector Coordinator Danielle Sanni
  • Staff Engineer, Land Development Matt O’Boyle
  • Structural Project Engineer Jonathan Pearson

We’re very proud of each of the student’s achievements, and we look forward to the rest of the semester with the LMSA Eagles!


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