EXP’s Building Science group promotes career longevity

November 3, 2022

EXP is one of the pioneers in building science consulting dating back to 1978, with the foundation laid by great building science minds. Today, EXP’s team is spread across Canada and is responsible for many aspects of a building from the beginning of its life through demolition. To enhance nearly all types of buildings and their respective building envelope systems, assemblies and components to be more efficient, resilient, durable and comfortable, it is essential to maintain equally high-performing teams, with experts who understand the vast range of building complexities.

The team, led by Director of Building Science, GTHA Sathya Ramachandran, has traditionally developed a methodical approach to creating a center of excellence for the building science practice within our nearly 4000-employee multi-disciplinary firm, which focuses on fostering the growth of employees and training the next generation of building science leaders. “The longevity of our infrastructure relies on our technical understanding of the behavior of buildings, advancements and contributions in standardizing the practice in the industry and providing innovative practical solutions to our long-lasting clients through the longevity and maturity of our team members. At EXP, we view these two as synonymous, and we immensely value the knowledge transfer of experienced experts to the next generation to help shape our teams,” said Sathya.  

With decades of experience in building science, EXP has teams of professionals who have enhanced buildings across North America, from condominiums, healthcare facilities, retail, office and entertainment complex developments to cultural centers and more.

We want to give special recognition to team members who have been with EXP for many years and who have greatly influenced our past and continue to impact the future of building science at EXP.

Congratulations to our employees for decade-long careers with EXP’s Building Science group, including:

  • Domenic Dell’ Aquila, head of structural rehabilitation – 41 years  
  • Ramona Seepaulsing, administrative assistant – 36 years  
  • Paul Pushman, head of façade engineering – 35 years
  • Alan Chung, head of new construction, Markham – 28 years
  • Eric Irshad, head of new construction – 20 years  

To join our growing Building Science team, contact Director of Building Science, GTHA Sathya Ramachandran and apply to open positions

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