EXP wins Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia Environmental Award

November 20, 2017

Once again, our focus on providing sustainable, environmentally sound solutions has been recognized by our peers. The Mark Creek Flume Flood Management and Stream Rehabilitation project team won the Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia [EGBC] Environmental Award as part of its annual President’s Awards ceremony.

EXP’s Evan Sykes provided the geotechnical review for the $4.25 million project, as part of a larger study to assess the existing condition of the narrow, man-made channel and develop recommendations for rehabilitation and possible reconstruction. Other members of the award-winning team include Brian LaCas of LCI Group, and Cori Barraclough of Aqua-Tex Scientific.

In the end, the Mark Creek project achieved its goals of flood protection, habitat restoration, and creating an attractive water feature that residents and visitors can enjoy. This is the first example in BC of a concrete channel being replaced by a naturalized stream channel in an urban area.

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