EXP to support Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering’s EVOH production needs

August 22, 2019

Above: EXP Oil, Gas + Chemicals and Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering experts. Pictured left to right: EXP – Steve Hunter, Stephen Mefford, MEC – Akihiro Ashiki, Teruo Fujita, Mari Hanawa, EXP – Richard Rankin

Last month, our Oil, Gas + Chemicals experts shared the exciting news of a signed Engineering Services Contract with Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering (MEC). The contract supports the expansion of MEC’s ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) resin production at a facility in LaPorte, TX. Above, EXP team members Steve Hunter, Stephen Mefford and Richard Rankin stand beside MEC experts to share the news.

The increased demand of EVOH, a high gas-barrier resin, mainly composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen is used to produce packaging materials to prolong the quality and flavor of food. Acting as a barrier plastic, it also supports the reduction of food waste. Stephen Mefford shares, “We are excited to support MEC with this multi-phase shutdown. By utilizing our cutting-edge laser measurement and modeling software, we can quickly and cost-effectively support this effort.”

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