EXP on design team for new signature building in Gatineau

June 1, 2021

The IN SITU + DMA with CIVILITI and EXP team, won the architecture competition for the City of Gatineau, in Quebec, as part of the reconstruction of the Place des Pionniers building in the Aylmer sector.

On May 17, the four teams selected for the second phase of the competition a few months earlier, presented their respective architectural drawings to the public, who was invited to vote for their favorite. The judges then gathered to select the winning project and presented it to the city councilors, who voted unanimously for the IN SITU + DMA with CIVILITI and EXP design.

Our teams will be providing expertise in mechanical, electrical and civil engineering for this project designed to meet LEED certification requirements. The signature building will group and house municipal services, as well as the Lucy-Faris Library, which will occupy two floors. It will provide a diverse, vibrant and active space to the 70,000 people living in the sector.

Congratulations to all those who worked on designing this project and crafting the presentation for the competition.

For a preview of the revamped Place des Pionniers, check out the presentation video (in French) by clicking here

For more information on the competition, click here

Photo: IN SITU + DMA

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