EXP responds to COVID-19 by 3D printing PPE for healthcare workers

May 7, 2020

​​​​​​​​​When the COVID-19 pandemic created a global shortage of ​resources and protective equipment for healthcare workers, our employees quickly began to seek solutions to help.

At our Chicago office, engineers and architects are equipped with 3D printers, frequently used to bring complex concepts and detailed designs to life​​. However, with the onset of the pandemic, the printer’s regular use slowed down. ​​

EXP’s project architect, Dan Tangaro, saw this as an opportunity to help healthcare workers on the frontlines. He explains, “At EXP, we’re taught to seek opportunities. Right now, many of us continue to do our jobs without concern for our safety, but we know healthcare workers are not afforded this same comfort, especially if they do not have the right equipment and resources. With the full support of our leadership, myself and architectural intern, Khuloud Alasfoor, found a way to make personal protective equipment (PPE) using our 3D printers.”

Dan and Khuloud coordinated with medical students at local hospitals in Chicago to confirm a template for protective face shields and immediately began printing. Together, they have completed 75 face shields and estimate completing 60 shields a week moving forward.

President and Chief Operating Officer, Mark Dvorak shared, “A part of who we are at EXP is a group of people with entrepreneurial spirit. Whether it be for our clients or the communities we serve, we never give up on engineering solutions. We’re proud to have employees who are printing PPE and delivering tangible results to our healthcare workers on the frontline. We’re all in this together.”

All of us at EXP would like to thank healthcare and essential workers who continue their heroic efforts fighting COVID-19.

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